Basements are typically on the back burner. This is one of the most overlooked areas in the house. When the basement is neglected, you might experience moisture and mold problems. The best way to transform your basement is by remodeling and waterproofing the space.

But before you get started, let’s discuss the several myths surrounding basement remodeling. We will debunk these misconceptions to help you make the right decision.

Basements are too dark and gloomy

Due to its lack of windows and high ceilings, basements can get dark and uninviting. This is why many people assume that it’s too dingy and gloomy to be enjoyed. With the right lighting and décor, your basement can look bigger than it really is.

We recommend recessed lighting and light shades for the walls and ceiling. Choosing the proper color scheme can brighten the space while getting rid of the gloomy ambiance.

There’s a high risk of flooding

Many people believe that it’s not worth remodeling a basement due to flood risk. Basements are known to be inherently prone to flooding. During storms or rapid snowmelt, surface water may start pooling around your property and accumulate in the basement. This can be avoided with proper waterproofing techniques. Your basement remodeler can install a waterproofing system that addresses all your needs.

Basement remodeling doesn’t require work permits

While your basement is at the lowest level of your home, you still need a permit to get work done. Pulling a permit is important in the basement remodeling process. Your local building inspector may stop by to check your home. If you fail to obtain a permit, it could result in serious consequences. You may be fined or forced to remove what you’ve already completed. That said, make sure you’ll get the proper permits and ensure safe building practices.

Basement waterproofing doesn’t prevent all leaks

Some homeowners assume that basement waterproofing isn’t effective in preventing leaks. In reality, this is an effective solution that provides long-term results. If you still have a wet basement, then that’s because it wasn’t waterproofed properly. A good basement contractor will identify the problem and apply the waterproof coating to the exterior or interior of your basement. 

Waterproof paint can keep the water out

It’s true that waterproof paint or coating can reduce water seepage. The painting solution creates a surface barrier to hold back moisture from seeping into your basement. It protects your interior from excessive moisture and mold growth. As time goes on, the coating will start to peel and flake. This means it will not keep your basement waterproofed forever. 

You need a more effective waterproofing method for your below-ground space. Some of the options you have are exterior basement waterproofing, interior sealants, and interior water drainage. These methods are guaranteed to remove water from your basement. 

Basement remodeling is too expensive

Another misconception surrounding basement remodeling is that it’s too expensive. The truth is—basement project costs vary depending on the scope of work. A good basement remodeler will provide you with different options according to your style and budget. The best way to know the project costs is by getting estimates from different contractors. 

Basement remodeling offers minimal value

Lastly, many people think there isn’t a lot of value in renovating a basement. But this is not the case. A finished basement has a resale value of 70% to 75%. When you spend $1,000 on the project, you can expect to get about $700 as a return on investment. 

If you decide to sell your home in the future, the resale value would be much higher. A fully functional basement can attract a lot of potential buyers. They can use it as an entertainment space, family room, and additional storage.

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