An average basement remodel has a return on investment of up to 75%. When you have a finished basement, it becomes a profitable home feature. If you want to take your basement to the next level, use furniture to your advantage. Choosing the right basement furnishings can be tricky. Follow our tips when it’s time to pick out the furniture for your basement space.

Why Is Furniture Important?

A room without furniture is an empty space. It completes your interior and provides a huge impact on your comfort. Aside from aesthetic benefits, furniture can turn a dull basement into an inviting space to hang out. In addition, it serves as the focal point in your basement. We have listed down several furniture ideas that elevate any room:

Game Table and Chairs

Many homeowners transform their basements into entertainment centers. A basement entertainment room is perfect for hosting game nights and family gatherings. This means you need a spot where you can gather around. A good-quality game table is what you need. 

Whether you want to play tabletop games or puzzles, a sturdy and unique table makes the most of your leisure time. If you have minimal basement space, make sure to buy space-saving furniture that you can store easily.

Stylish Storage Units

Many people use their basements as storage areas. That’s why you need to look for good storage furniture. Your storage unit can instantly take any space to the next level. From floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to accent cabinets, such storage furniture can keep your things in order.

In tiny rooms like basements, every inch of space matters. We recommend hanging corner storage or corner bookcases to fully utilize your space. When you mount shelves on the walls, you turn bare, empty panels into practical storage for prints and wall art. Don’t forget to incorporate stylish storage when remodeling your below-ground space.

Plush Ottomans

An ottoman is an extremely versatile piece of furniture for any kind of space. Available in different sizes and shapes, it serves as a footrest and extra seating. You can also use this as additional storage for your magazines, toys, and blankets. Most plush ottomans have hidden compartments where you can store items inside. This allows you to have a clutter-free basement.

Ottomans can also function as a coffee table in the middle of your basement. With wide selections of styles and colors available, you can find the right one according to your needs. It can surely be a welcome addition to any space.

Sectional Couch

A sectional sofa is a must-have furniture piece for any kind of room. It’s great for living rooms and basements as well. When you have limited space in your basement, a sectional couch can maximize your seating options. Since sectionals consist of multiple pieces, you may arrange them in different orientations.

Another benefit of a sectional couch is the coziness it provides. Most sectionals have plush back and seat cushions which make them comfortable to sit on. That’s why this furniture is everything you’d ever want in your basement.

Basement Bar

Last but not least—basement bars are a great addition to your below-ground space. This is a place where you can hang out with your friends while enjoying a glass of wine or beer. In designing a basement bar, all you need is a counter and barstools. You may also add some drawers and shelves where you can show off your alcohol stash.

A well-designed basement bar can create many benefits down the road. It offers a lot of functional and home value, which makes it a beautiful addition to your property. When you have your personal basement bar, you can take a happy hour up a notch.

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