Fireplaces have seen a resurgence in popularity over the past years. More people want to make their homes cozy by adding a fireplace as a feature. A rustic fireplace design is perfect for your basement. Since basements are below-ground level, the space can get really damp and cold. Installing a basement fireplace can surely provide you with some extra warmth.

Is it safe to put a fireplace in basements?

Yes, you can set up a fireplace in the basement. However, it’s crucial to follow local building codes and fireplace code requirements during the installation. There should be enough space for the fireplace, air vent, and chimney. In addition, insulation and access to wiring must be installed correctly.

If you want the safest option, choose electric fireplaces. They are portable and easy to install without costing thousands of dollars. An electrical fireplace can be plugged directly into your wall, which is why it won’t produce toxic fumes.

Whether your basement serves as a movie room or a man cave, the fireplace can be a central gathering place. Ready to work on your basement fireplace? Here are some design ideas that might suit your space:

Install a wood-burning fireplace

There’s nothing more relaxing than the sumptuous warmth of a wood-burning fireplace. It usually includes a firebox that’s installed and framed into the wall. Wood-burning fireplaces are challenging to install because there should be a heat-resistant board. This type of board is what protects the walls and floors from fire damage. In addition, the wood-burning option requires proper ventilation and regular maintenance.

If you’re leaning towards the rustic, cabin-like ambiance, make sure there’s adequate ventilation around the unit. The chimney should be cleaned and inspected once a year to avoid chimney fires. Reach out to a remodeling expert on how you can install one in your basement.

Add a reading nook or storage wall

Since a fireplace always sits in the center of a wall, there will be some empty space on both sides. Achieve symmetrical balance by installing a nook for your books and magazines. Add sturdy bookshelves and cupboards where you can tuck your family photos, paperbacks, and old DVDs. You can even decorate your built-in shelves with potted plants to add some greenery to the room. To spruce things up, choose neutral-colored shelving that will complement your rustic basement fireplace. 

Hang some artworks

The space above a fireplace is a classic spot for artwork. Integrating artwork into your basement can help pull the space together. From abstract painting to pop culture art, there are numerous ways you can design your basement fireplace. Choose your favorite artwork and hang it above the mantel. To take things to the next level, install a cordless picture light to help illuminate the artwork. These kinds of decorative accents can surely add some flair to the entire space.

Opt for electrical fireplaces

Recently, electric fireplaces are all the rave. More homeowners are choosing this alternative over the traditional fireplace because of its benefits. The first advantage is its safe installation. Most electric fireplaces don’t require vents, chimneys, or gas lines. Instead, they use heating coils to produce the heat and push the warm air back into the room.

This is a good alternative if you want a cozy warm basement without the hassle of gathering wood and setting them on fire. Moreover, electric fireplaces come with LED lights that mimic the appearance of flames. 

Mount your TV above the electric fireplace

Remember that you cannot just put a TV above any fireplace. It’s not safe to mount an appliance over a wood-burning or gas fireplace. The heat and smoke can damage the electronics and render them useless. The good news is—a television unit can be installed above an electric fireplace.

When putting a TV above your fireplace, make sure that the sizes are balanced. The TV shouldn’t be too big or too small for the space. Aside from this, the height at which you mount the TV is important. The unit should be mounted at eye level to avoid straining your eyes and neck.


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