Planning a basement renovation soon? For many homeowners, basement doors are an afterthought. Although choosing a door design seems simple, there are some things to consider. A good basement door must be made from high-quality material and provide you with the privacy you need. 

From bulkhead doors to walkout entrances, we can bring you unique design choices for your interior and exterior basement doors. Whether you’re looking to build or upgrade your existing door, here are a few basement door ideas below that you might want to check out:

1. Bulkhead Doors

One of the best options for your basement is a bulkhead door. Most bulkhead doors work well with properties that have terrain constraints. Often, a bulkhead door is installed at the top of a staircase, nearly horizontal to the ground. It is a great way to create a new entrance while providing extra security for your below-grade space. It can serve as an emergency escape route in case of a fire. 

To prevent flood and debris from coming in during a storm, the bulkhead is designed to be watertight and rugged. You may keep the bulkhead door latched and secured. This will protect you from intruders who want to access your home.

2. French Doors

A French door is usually a pair of doors, which comes in a wide variety of styles. This multi-panel door primarily consists of uninterrupted glass panels that bring in plenty of natural light. Since basements are known to be dark areas, it’s advisable to add more natural light by installing doors and windows. A French door is a great option to consider. It can make your basement more inviting while improving your home’s energy efficiency.

3. Sliding Basement Doors

Another option for you is a sliding basement door. This is perfect if you have a small basement because it does not take any square footage. Unlike traditional doors that open inwards or outwards, sliding doors only require little space for them to slide across the track. That’s why sliding basement doors are convenient for reducing your footprint and increasing your living space.

If you want to focus on appearance, there are plenty of colors and styles to choose from. You may want to go with a traditional wooden door or a glass sliding door. For maximum security, you may choose metal sliding doors with a multi-point locking mechanism.

4. Half Doors

Also referred to as Dutch doors, this door design is great if you have pets or small children at home. As the name suggests, half doors are split in half horizontally. The top half can be left open while the bottom half remains shut. Instead of a traditional door, a half door adds more character and charm to your basement. It is also suitable for increasing privacy when needed. 

5. Trapdoor

Lastly, a trapdoor is perfect if you don’t have extra floor space for a stair entrance. Trapdoors are hinged doors attached to the floor or ceiling. It is most commonly used as an entrance or exit from the basement or storage room. When you open a trapdoor, it allows easy entry to the area or crawlspace underneath the floor.

If your basement serves as a storage space, then a trapdoor is a great alternative for traditional entrances. A trapdoor is a convenient method of accessing your basement. It’s designed to stay hidden and blend in with the rest of the interior space. This way, you can keep your valuable items without taking up additional square footage. 

When building a trapdoor, make sure that the hinged boards are connected properly to the door frame. This ensures that no one gets locked inside.


With just the right amount of imagination, you can think of countless ways to design your basement door. If you don’t think a conventional door would be fitting, then Pittsburgh Basement Remodeling is here to help you. We are a full-service contractor specializing in basement design and renovation. Our team can spruce up the basement’s entrance in the most creative way possible.  

Whether you need help with basement doors or waterproofing, we can create a basement space that’s uniquely yours. Work with us, and we will make your basement a thing of beauty. To schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you!