Your basement can be more than just a storage space. With the right planning and creativity, it can be anything you want. Depending on the size of your basement, you can have an extra level of living space where you can have a fun retreat.

Nowadays, game rooms are all the rage. Game rooms can serve as a mancave and an optimal hangout spot with your family and friends. From gaming tables to console setups, there are ways you can transform your unfinished basement into an awesome gaming haven. We’ll look at the coolest ideas for your basement game room.

Classic Pool Table

Start building the ultimate gaming retreat by getting a classic pool table. This can serve as the focal point of your basement. Available in different sizes and lengths, pool tables can bring together guests and family. This furniture is perfect as a central gathering place for every game night. 

Look for the right dimensions of your pool table. You can pick between a small and a standard pool table depending on the available space. Aside from this, consider the cue length, which varies between 48 to 58 inches.  

To spruce up the pool table area, install low-hanging lighting or pendant light fixtures. This will draw attention to the center of the table. You may also add some wall art and bar stools to take your basement game room to the next level.

Arcade Machine

As a kid, you probably had a lot of fun playing in arcades. Nowadays, you can now buy a full-sized arcade machine for your home. There’s no need to head out to the arcade to play your favorite game and experience nostalgia. 

First, buy a custom or refurbished arcade machine. Install in some décor like LED lights and cool posters that reflect your personality. Mix vintage and modern designs to create a cozy game room area. When built out properly, they can add a unique dimension to your home. Game nights and home parties will be much more fun when you have your own arcade machine in your basement.

Board Games

Another idea for your basement game room is to create a designated board game table. If you like playing puzzles, tabletop games, or cards, this one’s for you. Consider purchasing a sturdy board game table and chairs for your game room. Just pick the desired size, color, and features that you want. If you have a small basement space, use foldable chairs and tables.

Don’t forget to find good storage for your board games. Traditional storage shelves and cabinets will help you keep your collection organized and in mint condition.

Home Theater Game Room

Gaming and movies often go together. There’s nothing better than having a space where you can enjoy two of the best activities—watching movies and playing games. Basements are the ideal spot for a home theater setup and a game room. Having your home theater and game room combo is definitely a game-changer. This is great for viewing parties and entertainment for your friends and family. 

For the best viewing experience, invest in a big-screen TV, a great sound system, and comfortable seating. Wall decorations can help add a splash of color to your basement. You can hang sports memorabilia and posters of your favorite teams. If you’re streaming movies and games in your basement, don’t forget to add a snack bar for everyone. 

Get Started on Your Basement Game Room

We hope this awesome list of basement game room ideas will be helpful for your next project. Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned gamer, we can transform your outdated basement area. Pittsburgh Basement Remodeling can curate your ultimate game room in your below-grade space.

Our highly trained experts can convert it into a fun place that you can enjoy all year round. Starting with the initial consultation, we will walk you through different game room designs and styles. From flooring to wall finishing, our team will take care of everything. We will work with you every step of the way until you are satisfied with the final result. Our goal is to meet or even exceed all your expectations.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to get a free quote. We would be happy to inspect your basement and discuss your options.