Basements usually end up being a catch-all for sporting equipment, holiday decorations, and family memorabilia. If you don’t want to see a basement filled with clutter, now’s the time to declutter and maximize your below-grade level. When properly utilized, your basement can be more than just a storage space. Instead, it will be an additional living space that feels cohesive with the rest of your home.

To manage the clutter in your basement, here are some organizing tips and storage ideas. Follow what works for you and keep things organized! 

Make Use of Your Basement Walls

Many people mistakenly believe that there’s not enough storage in their basements. But in reality, you may be missing out on the potential storage space on your walls. Don’t be scared to utilize your wall space for optimal and efficient storage. 

Tall shelves and cabinets can be installed on your basement walls. These wall-mounted storage units can keep your books and decorative items at hand. Choose the right cabinets that can hide things away when you don’t want them out in the open. Aside from built-in shelves, you may use hooks, wire racks, and pegboards for tools and different items.

Add Some Cubbies

Cube organizers are perfect for storing toys, books, and linens. This is a must-have in any space due to its versatility and functionality. Storage cubes come in different sizes, styles, and materials. They can be customized in a wide variety of sizes to fit your basement space. In addition, you can easily stack them on each other or arrange them in any style that you want. 

Storage cube units are a lifesaver for a disorganized basement. Apart from storage capacity, it can be used for decoration purposes as well. Place your framed photos, decorative items, and books on your cube shelves. To spruce it up, add some plants and LED strip lights along the cube organizers. 

Decorate Your Basement Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are great for basements because they don’t require vents, chimneys, or gas lines. But they can still produce heat to help you get cozy in your basement space. If your fireplace sits in the center of the room, you need to balance out the empty space. Install open shelving on each side of your fireplace mantel for additional storage. This is where you can place your favorite books and artworks that complement the basement fireplace.

Use the Space Beneath Your Stairs

When it comes to keeping your basement clutter-free, every space counts. One way to maximize your basement is to build storage space under the stairs. With a little creativity, this awkward spot can be transformed into something functional. Sliding drawers and built-in cabinets are some of your storage options. You may also opt for stackable baskets and bins where you can keep your stuff hidden away. By doing this, you can decide how high or how low your storage goes.

Another space-savvy solution is to install hooks at the side of the staircase. These hooks provide hanging room for your coats, towels, backpacks, and more. Don’t forget to mount the hooks at varying heights so that kids could still grab their stuff easily.

Have Your Own Labeling System

Labels help you keep track of things and reduce visual clutter. Having a labeling system allows you to find what you need without searching through every storage bin. To keep your basement organized, get friendly with your label maker. You can use chalkboard labels, stickers, tags, or printed ones. 

Organize your items into groups and categories, then store them in boxes or containers. Each storage bin should be labeled properly, so you have a clear idea of what is in each box. Neatly labeled boxes will prevent clutter from building up in your basement.


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