If you want to watch a movie with your family, the basement theater or media rooms are perfect for you. Basement entertainment rooms are becoming more common these days, especially during the pandemic. With unfinished or unused basement space, you can have a functional in-home theater that will increase the resale value of your property.

Explore this list of design ideas and specific things to keep in mind when you’re installing or redesigning your dream basement entertainment center. 

Location and Functionality

Your basement can provide you with the perfect home theater experience due to its cozy feel and acoustic range. Utilize a space where you can have as much control over lighting and sound. You can install a TV setup, fireplace, and tray ceiling to nail a great home theater aesthetic. 

Home Theater Systems and Equipment

What equipment you use will determine how good your movie-watching experience will be. For your audiovisual and electronic equipment, consider a high-quality HD television and surround sound system. Install your TV in a place where it is easily visible from all angles.

Always remember that the size of your TV or projection screen depends on your basements’ square footage. If you have a small basement, choose a 4K TV because you won’t notice pixelation even when you’ll be sitting closer. Meanwhile, a 1080p TV is ideal for bigger areas. Find the right size for your space. 

Proper Lighting

Ambient lighting is just as important as your selection of equipment in achieving an immersive viewing experience. Most ambient lights and wall scones are mounted fixtures that can be dimmed and controlled with a remote. Avoid lamp lighting or suspended lights that will reflect on a TV’s screen or throw shadows on the screen. This interrupts your viewing experience and distracts you from the movie.

Aim for optimum lighting control and integrate the lighting into the architecture for that wonderful theater atmosphere. You may also add black-out curtains or shades for windows to keep natural lighting from entering the area.


This aspect is crucial when setting up your basement entertainment room. When your basement is not properly soundproofed, the sound vibrations from the movie will travel through the walls and disturb your neighbors. Just like water, sound can travel through windows, doors, and small gaps. The key to soundproofing your home theater is by adding mass or decoupling the walls.

Absorbent acoustic panels, mass-loaded vinyl, and sound isolation clips are some of the most common soundproofing materials. With a properly soundproofed entertainment room, you can enjoy your cinematic experience without disturbing others. Consult with an experienced remodeling company for the other soundproofing options out there.

Proper Furniture and Decor

Treat your basement space as a clean slate. You can configure your media room like the traditional movie house. Capture the cinema-like feel by adding carpets, dramatic curtains, and recliners. When you choose furniture for your entertainment room, remember to prioritize style and comfort. 

Purchase theater seats with lifting, cup holders, and headrest for maximum comfort and ease of use. From leather to velvet upholstery, a lot of stylish theater seat cover options are available for you. Couches and chaise lounges are recommended for smaller basements Don’t forget to keep in mind your home’s size, budget, and amenities in your basement before you order your home theater seating.

Proper Air Circulation

No one wants to watch a movie or TV series in a cold and uncomfortable place. Your basement is a tightly sealed room with minimum ventilation. If you’re planning to transform it into a media room, optimize airflow by adding vents and installing a ducted HVAC system. This will prevent the area from getting too stuffy and humid. Moreover, a dedicated ventilation system is needed for your entertainment equipment to ensure optimal performance.

Final Thoughts

Nothing brings a family together like a great movie or TV show right in the comfort of your home. By following these pointers, you can create a stylish entertainment space and spend wonderful movie nights with your loved ones. For project requests and inquiries, contact our team at Pittsburgh Basement Remodeling. We are ready to build a basement home theater that you’ve been dreaming of!