Gone are the days when your basement is just a storage space. Since it is a low ceiling area, it gets cluttered and disorganized easily. However, with just improvements to lighting and design, your basement can be a spacious living space. There are plenty of options available when it comes to making it more functional and creating the illusion of more space.

With these simple tricks, you can turn a small, outdated underground room into the gorgeous basement of your dreams! Follow these decorating ideas and space-maximizing tricks:

Remove All the Clutter

Before a complete remodel, make sure to clean out your basement and remove the things you may throw away. Go through your belongings and take inventory to start your basement purge. Get rid of all the unorganized items since they make a room look smaller. You may toss your sorted pile in the trash, donate to a charity, or sell them online.

Opt for Open-Concept Basement

This home design is perfect for basements on the smaller side. An open-concept layout does not include walls to create multi-purpose spaces. Your basement can serve as a man cave and theater room, all in one space. Just be sure to utilize large area rugs and small-sized fixtures to separate each area visually. 

Add Recessed Lighting

The feel of your basement space will improve with the right lighting fixtures. Since basements have small to no windows at all, you may feel cramped and confined. Proper lighting is the solution to make the room feel bigger and more open. 

If there’s no way to bring in natural light, consider installing recessed lighting instead of low-hanging lighting. These types of lighting can make your ceiling feel higher. You may also use LEDs, lamps, wall-mounted lights, and sconces to provide ample light without taking up valuable headspace.

Choose Light and Cool-Toned Shades

Light and neutral shades reflect more light that helps create the illusion of spaciousness. Choose lighter and brighter colors for your walls, floors, or carpeting. As much as possible, avoid strong and bold shades since they create a cluttered feeling in the room.

You should also pick monochromatic furniture and accessories and add some accent to your curtains, rugs, and vases. Make sure that they blend with the overall ambiance of your basement.

Create Vertical Lines

Adding small vertical lines and stripes makes a low ceiling seem taller. To create the illusion of height, you can add more paneling to the walls and hang curtains from ceiling to floor. Always think tall if you want to improve your small basement aesthetically.

Use Mirrors Across the Room

Adding large mirrors as a wall enhances any small space and works like a charm. It reflects the ambient light coming in to brighten up your basement. An oversized wall-to-wall mirror can magically turn your cramped basement into a homier space. You may also pair a mirror with a light source to intensify the brightness in the area. For additional effect, place your mirror opposite a window or in front of a table lamp.

Install a Dehumidifier

Your basement is a space with high humidity levels, so mold and mildew are likely to develop. If you have a damp basement with a musty odor, use a basement dehumidifier to improve the indoor air quality. This will avoid any moisture-related problems and make your basement homier.

Store It Under The Stairs

An under-the-stairs storage solution prevents unnecessary clutter and optimizes your basement space. The space under the stairs called a spandrel is often neglected and unutilized. Shelving units and space-saving cabinets are great for efficiently storing some rarely used items and family heirloom.

Don’t Add Much Furniture

The furniture you choose can either make or break the outcome of your basement remodel. Designers and remodeling experts recommend small and multi-functional furniture that can bring new life to space. Cut down on the furniture sizes because smaller furnishings are more suitable for small basements. You may also use stackable or foldable chairs for extra seating.

Let’s Start Your Basement Makeover Today

Always remember that you don’t need to spend a fortune for your basement remodel. With these design and layout hacks, you can maximize your basement space while adding your personal flair to it. Does your basement feel cramped and humid? Pittsburgh Basement Remodeling can help. Our team is skilled in turning even the smallest basement into a beautiful, functional living space. Call us to schedule your free consultation!