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Is your basement just used for storage? Or, are you avoiding the space altogether because of water issues and mold? Whether you want to start using the space for your family or you want to remodel to better use the space for your needs, Pittsburgh Basement Remodeling Ultd. can help. We can help finish an open basement area or renovate the finished basement to help create a space you’ll be able to use and enjoy using. No matter if you have a plan in mind or you’re not sure where to start, our team can start working with you today to create a basement you’ll love.

Before Basement Finishing Begins

If the basement is currently unfinished, there are a few things that need to be done before the finishing work can start. Basements are notorious for leaks and other water issues like mold, so the basement will need to be inspected. Any problems that are found will be fixed before the space is finished to prevent issues in the future. Then, permits may be needed to make sure the project will meet current building codes. After the basement is prepped, the next step is to come up with a plan that includes everything you might want.

Determining the New Design

The new basement design can include just about anything you want. Our team can go over all of your options with you and provide suggestions for what might work best in the space and what will go with your view of how the basement will look when the project is done. This includes options for insulation to help regulate the temperature in the basement, options for the ceilings, lighting, heating and cooling, and more. All of these can help make the basement far more comfortable instead of dark and dreary.

Installation of the New Design

After you’ve approved the design, the work can begin. Any problems that still need to be addressed are handled first. Then, the construction begins. Depending on the project, this could include new electrical wiring, plumbing, flooring, ceilings, walls, and more. After the basics are in, it’s then possible to add custom shelving, cabinets, and the other details that really make the space useful for you and help it look the way you imagined. We can work with you to pick out everything for the space, so you know it will look amazing when it’s done.

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Pittsburgh Basement Remodel Services

If your basement is already finished, there may be a lot less to do to make the space useful. We can help with basement remodeling or basement makeovers if it’s already finished but not what you want. Renovating the basement can include splitting the area into separate rooms with new walls, changing the flooring, adding new electrical or plumbing, or taking everything out and replacing it. The project is as big or small as you want and can include adding a kitchen or bathroom, redefining the space, or just replacing flooring and fixtures to get the perfect look.

Are you hoping to use the basement as a man cave? No matter what your hobby is or what you enjoy doing to relax, a basement could be the perfect space to use for your man cave. The basement can be used to house a media room, have a bar added in, or include a small kitchenette where you can have fun cooking and creating the perfect snacks. We can work with you to plan the perfect man cave no matter what you plan on using it for and make sure the room looks amazing when we’re done.

Have you thought about adding a second kitchen to your home? Perhaps one that’s perfect for baking tasty treats or for creating the ultimate snack to enjoy while you watch TV with friends? If you’re planning on finishing the basement and want a small kitchen downstairs, now’s the perfect time to add it in. A new kitchen can be as large or small as you’d like and can include just the basics or everything you might need to cook a full meal. If you’re not planning on snacking much in the basement but would like a small fridge and a wet bar, that’s possible to do as well. The kitchen can include anything you might need.

If you’re tired of running upstairs when you need to use the bathroom, or you’re finishing the basement and want to make sure you can spend time in there without problems, it’s likely a good idea to include at least a half bath. Bathrooms are typically easy to add to a basement during the finishing or remodeling process and can include just a toilet and sink or be a full bath with a shower. We can work with you to determine the size and layout of the bathroom as well as plan all of the components that will go in it, so the bathroom looks amazing.

Other Room Ideas for the Basement

Basements can be used for a huge variety of different things. It’s possible to add a bedroom into the basement or create a guest room for when you have people over. If you have kids, it can be used as a playroom and can grow with them as they get older. Many people enjoy using the basement as a media room, as it is possible to insulate the noise. Basements can also be used for office space if you’re starting to work from home, as a space to work on your hobby, or just somewhere to relax at the end of the day.

Why Choose Us?

If you’ve thought of finishing or renovating the basement, and you have a few ideas in mind, the next step is to find a contractor to handle the project. Our team offers professional service as well as years of experience, and we’re going to do everything possible to make sure you love the basement once it’s done. We can work with you to create a stunning plan for the basement, make sure there are no issues that need to be fixed, and then create the basement you’ve been dreaming of.

Are you ready to start using the basement? Whether it’s unfinished or it just isn’t what you need, the team at Pittsburgh Basement Remodeling can help. Our team of experts has experience creating stunning basement designs, and we’re ready to work on making your basement a space you’ll use and enjoy. Contact us today to start talking about the plans for how you want the basement to look.

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