Adding an extra bedroom or guest suite in your basement will boost your home value. Now’s the time to say goodbye to your dark and gloomy basement. At Pittsburgh Basement Remodeling, we can help transform your unutilized basement space into a wonderful bedroom suite. With a few design upgrades and creative lighting techniques, you can have a new, comfy sleeping pad. 

Let’s take a look at a few ideas to make your underground bedroom look bigger and more functional!

Focus on Insulation

Before we go into the details of the basement bedroom, it’s important to focus on its comfort and functionality. One of the first things you need to do is add a layer of top-notch insulation. Like your other rooms, the basement bedroom suite should be comfortable. Good insulation will keep the heat in and reduce noise. Some of the options you have are sprayed foam, bubble foil, foam board, and fiberglass.

Choose the Right Lighting

If you have an awning window in your basement, keep the space as clear as possible to maximize the natural light coming in. In case there are no windows, it’s best to use LED lighting to brighten the space. Your lighting fixtures can either make or break your bedroom suite. For a dark and humid place like basements, install recessed lighting and pot lights. These types of lighting fixtures will create a welcoming atmosphere.

White walls and light tones will make the basement ceiling feel higher. Find the right fixtures and rearrange your lighting to see what works best in your below-ground space.

Keep the Space Cozy

When your basement feels homey and cozy, you won’t feel cramped and claustrophobic. Clean lines, neutral color tones, and wood accents will make your basement feel comfortable. You may choose earth tones for your basement walls. Keep everything as simple and possible and add an accent wall to achieve an element of rustic comfort.

Create a Mini Playroom for Kids

This design idea is recommended for homeowners who want a basement bedroom for kids. A kid-friendly bedroom will make bedtime stories more enjoyable. Use your basement space as a nursery or little play area. Add bunk beds and mini tents where they can host sleepovers. Bring out your creative ideas and include kid-friendly features that everyone will love.

Add a Splash of Color

If you’re not a fan of minimalist designs and basic tones, then bright colors are perfect for you. Give you space a makeover by adding geometric forms and contrasting shades. You can get creative with the basement furniture to pump up the room’s aesthetics.

Moreover, you can choose mixed patterns for additional posh and style. Remember that your imagination is the limit when it comes to your basement bedroom!

Create a Studio Apartment

Don’t let your potential living space get wasted. Turn your basement into a studio-type apartment. This is perfect for older kids who want their own private space. Add a recessed light overhead and paint the walls with neutral shades. It’s important to create as much visual space as possible. Natural elements and crisp details will create a studio atmosphere in your basement.

For passive income, you can rent out your basement bedroom to a tenant. Outfit your basement bedroom by adding a desk area and storage space. You can even add a small bathroom and kitchenette depending on your budget.

Let’s Help You With Your Basement Finishing Needs

We hope you find this article informative and helpful! Take note of these design ideas so that you can fully utilize every inch of your basement. Make use of your below-ground space that can serve as living quarters for your guests and friends. Basement bedrooms can be your cozy retreat right at home!

When it comes to basement renovation and revamp, Pittsburgh Basement Remodeling is here to guide you! We are a trusted leader in transforming basements into guest suites and living areas. All our basement projects can be designed according to your needs and budget. We will collaborate with you to create the vision you want for your basement.

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