Basement remodeling is one of the most popular home improvement projects. It is a big undertaking to add extra living space and increase your home value. With simple upgrades and customizations, your dark and dank basement can become a stunning functional space for your family.

A new paint job can significantly improve your basement’s appearance. A few strokes and licks of paint can make your space more unique. Choosing the right color palette is extremely important in brightening the walls and the entire basement. Below are some of the best color ideas you can consider for your basement remodeling project:

Pure Brilliant White

Brighten your basement by choosing a crisp, clean white paint color. Brilliant white can make your basement look and feel bigger. For some fun and creativity, you can add a kick of contrast with accent furnishings and accessories to break up the plain white backdrop.

Navy Blue

A classic navy blue provides a modern and bold atmosphere. Using dark colors in a light-deprived basement can be difficult to pull off. However, navy blue is very versatile and can work well when paired with neutral and light-colored decorations. You can use this as a basement color without making the space feel stuffy and claustrophobic. 

Sky Blue

Energize your basement with a pleasing and lively pop of color like sky blue. This color can lift the atmosphere and bring calmness and tranquility. Sky blue strikes the perfect balance between blue and white, which makes it ideal for creating a welcoming basement. You can tie up the entire space together by decorating the room with neutrals and contrasting colors.


This color is a great choice for basement playrooms, entertainment areas, or game rooms because it can infuse energy into the whole space. Moreover, it’s good as an accent wall if you don’t want to coat the entire walls with fiery red.


When done right, purple walls are perfect for your basement office or workspace. Purple is usually associated with creativity, sophistication, and luxury. For your basement walls, you can choose from various shades, such as lilac, mauve, and lavender. The particular shade you pick has a great impact on the ambiance and mood of the room.


Consider gray if you want to create a calming effect and brighten your basement space. This edgy yet timeless neutral color can suit almost any room. It represents peace and balance, which bring more depth and dimension to the design. Pair your gray walls with neutral furniture or bright area rugs for a classic and minimalist look.

Brown or Taupe

As a neutral color, brown has always been a staple color for furniture and accessories. This warm and earthy tone can be paired with a touch of white for a more inviting and stylish basement. Since brown is considered a classic color, it won’t go out of style any time. It means you can have fun decorating and upgrading your basement.


Striking a balance between pure white and warm beige, the cream creates a bright and cozy aura in your basement. Plain, creamy walls work best for your basement office and laundry room. With a few coats of cream or beige paint, you can have a relaxed atmosphere regardless of the room size or style. Since the cream is versatile, you can pair it with different colors and accents.


If you are looking for a refreshing color for your basement walls. Green is a great choice. A fresh coat of green paint can enliven and energize the entire space. Simply choose the right shade of green that will complement your basement. Darker and bolder shades add vibrancy and coziness, which are perfect as accent colors. Meanwhile, lighter and more muted shades are fun and look great in basement playrooms.

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