Looking for the perfect design for your basement space? Choosing an industrial chic design aesthetic will never go out of style. The industrial design focuses on an edgier look through raw-looking materials and furniture.

If you want to go industry, here’s a list of design tips and tricks—from the walls, lighting, and down to the smallest details. Let us help you achieve the industrial basement you’ve always dreamed of.

Open Ceiling

Having an open ceiling design means you’ll leave beams, wiring, and ductwork exposed. For some people, beams and pipes are unsightly. However, an open ceiling design will help you embrace the industrial or modern vibe.

Don’t hide your air ducts and pipes! Instead, paint them out in white or gray to create more space and open up the room. The exposed look of the ceilings can allow for better lighting and emphasize the raw vibe you’re aiming for.

Metallic Finishes

Industrial design is mainly influenced by old factories, warehouses, and commercial spaces. That’s why it uses building materials like wood, steel, and iron. If you want an industrial basement, focus on factory-like aesthetics. 

Consider shelving and cabinetry with metallic accents. The combination of metal and wood is very common in industrial-style areas. Materials like steel and iron make a striking contrast to wood. When you choose the right furniture and decorative elements, you can add a rustic look to the space.

Concrete Floors

One of the distinct characteristics of industrial interior design is rawness. It gives an emphasis on exposed elements like bare concrete floors. Do you currently have an unfinished basement? This is perfect for an industrial design.

Concrete floors are typically used in factories, warehouses, and places with heavy traffic. Industrial concrete floors can be polished and stained. This means that you can still customize your unfinished basement flooring.

Exposed Brick Walls

Installing brickwork adds a rustic charm to your basement. When you have exposed brick walls in your basement space, you can create a focal point within an unfinished area. With its warm and vintage colors, exposed brick walls will produce a homely yet industrial feel.

Unlike other wall finishes, exposed brickwork is highly durable and affordable. It can add texture and character to any space. Don’t forget to call a basement remodeler when you opt for brick wall construction. Bricks are porous, which means you might encounter moisture problems. Your brick wall should be coated with a sealant to avoid dampness and mold issues.

Basement Fireplace

To add a more unique element to your basement, you may install a fireplace depending on your local building codes. A rustic fireplace can turn your basement into a cozy area. If you can’t build a traditional fireplace, an electric one will still work. There’s no need to keep firewood or clean soot in your basement.

Neutral Colors

You need to choose the right color scheme to pull off an industrial basement. Focus on simplicity by sticking to neutral and minimalist shades. White, black, gray, and brown are some of the most common industrial color themes. 

But you may still incorporate neutrals with bold accents. Don’t be afraid of adding vibrant colors like burgundy, purple, and navy blue. These can serve as accent colors for your space. Just remember to choose color palettes and hues that produce a warm and inviting feel to them.

Retro Décor and Accessories

Industrial design is all about displaying features in a chic manner. When it comes to décor, you may choose vintage leather items, industrial barstools, and lighting fixtures. Accessorize your basement with retro furniture, posters, and wall art. The overall look of your industrial basement must be minimalistic and functional. 

Basement Wet Bar or Wine Cellar

Planning to turn your basement into a home bar? An industrial style is perfect for this. You can feature rustic shelves, a traditional L-shaped bar, or a sleek wine cellar. Don’t forget to add steel barstools and pendant lights for your industrial basement bar. This is ideal for people who like to enjoy a good drink in the comfort of their own home.


These are just a few ways to achieve an industrial aesthetic for your basement. Turn to Pittsburgh Basement Remodeling for high-quality basement renovation services. We can give your basement space an industrial edge you’ve always wanted. Feel free to give us a call today!